satankatic: HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's as rad as you are!!!

thank you heather V EXCITED TO CHILL IN A COUPLE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally cannot wait!!!!!!

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wanderingactor: Yo Happy Birthday Erin Have a good one!

thanks a bunch buddy! i’m gonna try!

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sarah paulson switching the name cards so tatiana could sit next to her

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Carrie, voiceover: That afternoon, the girls and I all decided to meet for lunch.
Miranda: I just found out something kind of disturbing-
Carrie: WELL I just met dis new guy, Irving! And I found out where he likes to cu-
Miranda: My grandmother was an axe murderer.

Carrie, voiceover: Later that evening, I got to thinking about Miranda’s connection to the past. I wondered, could giving the axe to an ex be the perfect crime, or a BIG mistake?

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if you’re not watching masters of sex you’re a garbage idiot and you’re dead to me and my serious longtime girlfriend lizzy caplan.

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SDCC 2014 - Nerd HQ

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