Uhh ohhh, next stop on the procrastination station! We’re writing late night!

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Anonyme: I talked to Chandler often! Do you think we can trust these rumors. What if it is just someone who pretended to be firebolting to destroy his reputation?

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aprestigiousblog: are you a teenage girl posing as a guy? haha...cause sometimes i feel like you're too good to be true...


Nope, sorry, that’d take too much work. I’d rather just be the ridiculous person I am. I am a little scared that you think I might be a teenage girl though. DO I SEEM LIKE A TEENAGE GIRL? I’m a little worried.

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firebolting replied to your post: guys i’m in love with jsyk

so when are you officially moving out here because hopefully by then my situation will be much more stable and i will actually have the vespa and i can actually go on lunch dates with you guys THO NOBODY INVITES ME IN ADVANCE.


we still don’t think you’re a real person so we forget to invite you places

this was 2.5 years ago.

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Title: Beautiful
Artist: Jessie Mueller
Album: Obsessed with Seth Rudetsky
Plays: 106

This is a very special version of Beautiful from Seth Rudetsky’s Obsessed. In it, Jessie sings the song as many of her different characters from her various shows (Melinda Wells, Cinderella, Helena Landless, and Carole King). And in case you were thinking of skipping over this, do you really want to miss Jessie jumping from an Eb5 to an Eb6 without a warmup or a portamento in sight? You really, really don’t.

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we’re all just fucking murdered, dead, and gone after that scene with shirley and dawn, right? dawn calls shirley “dawn” and shirley calls dawn “shirley”.  all of the dense whiteys fuck up their names so regularly the only thing they can do is make fun of it to each other so they don’t stab ken cosgrove one day. these ladies!!! these ladies!!!!!!!!

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i put garlic powder in spreadable cheese because i’m a disgusting genius

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