Hi guys. It’s mom. Duh. I figured out how to use the computer! So I thought I’d leave you a little—So we’ll start with Haddie because you’re the oldest.

Haddie… Golly, I am so incredibly proud of you. Honey, you are my beautiful, strong, smart, sensitive, lovely, angel and I know no matter where you end up in this life, no matter what you do, you’re gonna shine. Plain and simple. You have so much to give this world and I know that you’re gonna make a difference in this world.

Max, buddy, wow how you’ve grown. I’m so proud of you. How you’ve faced challenges and pushed through and became president. Buddy, my wish for you, is for you to go out into the world, step out of yourself, and let the world see how beautiful you are and what an amazing person you are.

Nora, oh honey… I… Um… This is so very hard leaving you. I’m kinda mad… Nora, I wish I could pick you up right now and hold you and love you and squeeze you. Honey, you have to know that you have the most… the most amazing dad in the whole world. He knows how to take care of us and he knows how to love us.

So I say to all three of you, all three of my beautiful kids… I may not always be with you the way that I want to be… But I will never leave your side. I’ll always be with you.

And I’m so lucky I got to be your mom.

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    This made me cry like a baby. Also, this was Peter’s first time watching the video so those are his real emotions....
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